Momma Monster

Yes, I'm another one of Gaga's "Little monsters", and yesterday I watched this 2 hours live interview with her on the internet where she was talking about her performance with Elton John at the Grammys and her bleeding clothes she wore at the VMA's last year. I hadn't watched any of those 2 performances, but I just did - and damn, I have to say that Gaga is amazing. I can not stop loving her for being who she is. I love her. Unfortunately, so far, I'm not going to her concert in Denmark on October 20th and I'm really bummed about it. We'll see, I can still get tickets.. So maybe - if I'm lucky? Anyway, just wanted to show you both the performances. Out of the extraordinary! I love her!

3D TV's

A few weeks ago I saw this commercial in my TV, and it's just plain awesome. It's a commercial for a Samsung 3D LED TV.

Do you guys think that 3D TV's will be something everybody will use in the future?
Personally, I think so, yes. It's awesome. The only thing I personally would actually mind about the 3D TV thing, is to actually sit with those 3D glasses on, all the time. They kind of annoy me. But imagine a horror movie on a 3D screen in your living room?!
Woah! I can barely watch a horror movie on a normal TV!
Do you think that maybe in the future, we will be able to actually watch 3D without those glasses?

The magic of waiting

Okay, so right now I'm waiting all alone in school for my mom to come pick me up, and well, this is what happens when I'm bored and am just.. waiting.. (Guh, photoshop messed with me when I tried to put the pictures together. Bad bad photoshop!)

I now have to pack down my laptop and go pick up my make-up at dads. I forgot it there. Typical me!

OH yeah, btw, hopefully I'm modelling for a friend on Saturday and Cecilie will come visit me on Friday and we'll have a sleep-over. Also, hopefully I'm going to the hairdresser this week too.. If I can find the time, of course.

Well, see you guys later :)!