morning? *yawn*

It's time for another today's question, and this one is asked by Ana: What it's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning, is to turn on my TV! It's a good way to wake up with. After doing that, I put on my clothes and my make-up, and then I go for breakfast. Next thing I do is to check my school schedule and things on the internet, and then I pack my stuff down. At dads I usually do my lunch pack too, but at mums, my mum does it for me <3

Basically I take the bus at dads, and at mums either my mum or my granddad drives me to school.

Unfortunately I haven't really got any pictures fitting into this topic, so it's just a small blog post, answering that little question.


to be polite

I was just chatting with this girl, and well - she kept telling me to get the fuck off and !!!!!!!! at me, and SRJGDFGKJDNG at me, and I was like; "Well, maybe if you asked me in a polite way, I would." And then she turned all "OMG GTFO OR I'LL DELETE YOUR NUMBER AND I'LL NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN BLABLABLA!"
- My point with this post is; is it really too much to ask, for somebody to be just a little polite?
This world amazes me in a bad way, unfortunately. If people could just be a little more polite, well, maybe they would do more for you, and like you better, if you were just being polite and sweet.

As promised..

..I was going to show you that top I got yesterday. I love it. Don't look at me on the picture though, just look at the top ('cause I really look like shit on it). It's black, with studs and it seems like it's ripped. Fell in love with it immediately, and it wasn't even expensive.