Daily routines

Todays question is: How interesting is your life? Tell us your day to day routine :D

My life isn't really that interesting. Well, depends XD I don't think it is myself, but there must be a reason for people to actually read my blog, or follow my twitter, facebook, etc. So I guess that maybe some things in my life is interesting.

My day to day routine, is very difficult for me to actually explain. My parents are divorced, so it depends on if I'm at my mums house, or at my dads. I switch between my mum and dads houses every sunday. Every sunday I pack my stuff. This week I'm at dads house, and on sunday I'll pack my stuff and go to mums house for next week, and next sunday I'll go for dads again, and it keep on going like that. But I can try explaining a little about both places, and my daily routines there. I have a 14 year old littlebrother who is also doing the same thing as me, switching between mum and dad each week.

At my dads house:
Each day I get up at 6:15 to go to school. I get up, put on my clothes, go put on make-up and fix my hair, and finishes at about 6:30. I then go wake up my littlebrother, and go upstairs to get some breakfast and make the food I'm supposed to bring to school. After I've eaten, I go downstairs and check my school and start packing my bag. When it's about 6:50 I check twitter and news on Tokio Hotel, and 6:00 I pack down my laptop. 7:15 I go outside to wait for the bus, which is at my place at about 7:20 - 7:30.
It's very different for how long I go to school, but when I finished I walk to the bus station with Björgvin and Arnar, and take the bus home. Then I wait for my dads girlfriend to get home and my halflittlebrother who is 1 year old, and then I'm with them until after dinner, and after dinner I go downstairs to my room to check up on everything on the internet. It's very different when I go to bed, but normally it isn't early.

At my mums house:
I get up at 7 in the morning. I put on my make-up and go to get breakfast, then I pack my schoolbag, and then my grandfather picks me and my littlebrother up at 7:40, and I'm at school at about 8. Same routine, being at school all day, and then my mum usually picks me up, or I have to take the bus. I get home, do my homework if I have got any, watch TV or talks to my mum, and then I get dinner, goes to the computer at evening, goes to bed about 22 or later.

Of course I have days which looks different like this. My weekends are very very different from this, and sometimes I do things, but this is the average of my days, I guess. Very boring, I know ;) and not so interesting.


you had a bad day

Do you know these days, when everything just go wrong, and everything you touch is going to break, or something like that? I have lots of them. I think I was seriously born under an unlucky star. Wanna hear why?

First of all, last week, my laptop started acting weird. I tried to restart it, but it wouldn't work. When it was supposed to show that "welcome" message, the screen just turned all black, and the mouse was the only thing being there. At the same day, my phone wouldn't send long textmessages (and oh yeah, I got my phone fixed 6 weeks ago, and the camera doesn't work anymore - AGAIN!). Both thing worked out well, one of my dads friends fixed the computer without getting all my stuff deleted on it, and it's perfectly fine right now. Luckily. So is my phone. It's working. I have a little luck, but not much. x_x

Second,  the other day when I had to open my math homework, it was all gone from the TI Interactive document I had written it in. So, bye bye the math me and my group worked with for an hour. It's gone.

Third, I lent an USB thingy from the guy who fixed my computer, and he told me to save everything on it. I started doing that, and this weekend I used about 4 hours on 2 assignments - one english and one danish. I tried to open them today, in english class, because I had to fix something on the danish one, and POOOF, it was gone! All the letters had turned into 6 pages "ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ" and now I have to start all over with it all. I just did the english one in english class, but the danish one is worse.

All my bad luck actually started right after I went to Cologne the first time, where all my videoes got deleted. Since then it's been hell. Some of our kitchen at dad's broke too, so we had to get new, and we doesn't have the money for it. My dads girlfriends phone is broken too. And we might have to sell the house, because we simply doesn't have money for it anymore. Else we'll probably get kicked out.

Bad luck, much?


Style icons

So this is the first time I'm going to answer a question from in HERE! You can still go ask some questions for me, I would actually be quite happy if you did that, because I have to get lots of questions to keep this thing going!

Anyway, todays question is:
Do you have a style icon?

I don't know if I really have a style icon. I guess most people see some other people wearing something nice, or having a nice style, and then you steal something from it, trying to mix it up with your own style. I do that too, mostly if I see some nice styles on the internet and also in real life. Yes, I have some style icons I think have pretty cool styles, but it's not like I have their style completely. I mix it up with my own, so it's going to be MY style.

These are some of my style icons:
Billede Billede
Hanna Beth & Audrey Kitching

I really like their cool styles, but it's not something I'm going totally into. I love to be me, and people got to respect that. As I said before, if I find something really nice on the internet I think is cool (I once made a Gloomy Bear necklace out of pearls, and I found it on the internet), well, then I make it, or buys it or something like that. Sometimes I even have some clothes I think is ugly, and then I remake it into something really cool. My style is also one of those which variates a lot. Sometimes I can wear joggingpants and a hoodie and only put on a little make-up, and other times I can totally glitter myself up. It depends on my mood. I'm just ME, with MY style (:

This question was asked by Mia Malene - thank you so much! (:
Keep asking questions everybody, so I can keep this thing going!