Rainy days


Time to do another todays question! Todays question is asked by Suy:
What do you enjoy to do in a rainy day?

It depends on my mood and what day it is, but when it's weekend I usually stay indoors. I like to sit in front of the tv and listen to the rain pouring down on the window. That is just cozy. Sometimes I adore to just sit on the couch and watch it too. It depends on my mood, I guess. I hate being out in the rain though, but I really like watching it and listening to it - just as I do with the snow. Sometimes I like to make myself a hot cup of cocoa too, just to make it even more cozy. What do you guys do on a rainy day?

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Christmas presents

Just as I promised you, I would take pictures of the presents I got for Christmas. It's kind of hard to see them all, but I'll just write down exactly what I got;
A big Hello Kitty bag
Hello Kitty towel
Gray hairbow
Necklace from Vero Moda
Dress-shirt from H&M
Pink tutu skirt from H&M
Black shirt from Paprika
Boots from SixMix
DVD Pyrus i alletiders show
DVD Harry Potter 6
Homemade pink scarf from my grandparents
2 giftcards for Matas
470 DKK

Some of the things aren't on the pics though, sorry for that. I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas, and that you had a lovely time.

I hope you all enjoy the Christmas days. I'm still having the flu, and it sucks big time. I hope it'll be over when New Years eve is up. I've never really been a big fan of New Years eve, but yeah. Just get it over with, right? This year I'm going to celebrate it with my dad, stepmum, half littlebrother, littlebrother and then some of our neighbours are coming too. I hope it'll be good. We're going shopping for it tomorrow. What are you going to do on New Years eve? 

A Christmas game

Linda and I (well, mostly Linda XD <3) spend the whole night on 23rd 'till 24th December, doing this Christmas game for the official Danish Tokio Hotel fanclub. It turned to be quite succesful. I thought I just wanted to blog about it.

It's an international competition and you can win awesome prices. It's a bit like "Find Waldo". Just click on the awesome banner below and get to the competition, where you can read what to do, and how to get started! Enjoy!