RIP grandmum <3

Today I went to my grandmum's funeral. I got up at 8 to get myself ready, and we got to my granddad's house at 9. It was weird, because we had to wait for my grandmum to arrive and they had to carry her into the church. There was so many flowers, you wouldn't believe it. It was like 2 cars filled with all different sorts of flowers. So beautiful. My grandmum loved flowers. If she could've seen them she would've been so happy. She loved marguerites. They were all over the place. I remember she used to have a necklace and earrings with marguerites in them. I'm used to her calling home every single day, wanting to talk. Sometimes she could talk for hours, I tell you. It's weird, because she doesn't do that anymore now. She was always gentle, buying stuff for us, giving us things. I hope she's up in heaven having a chit chat with Michael Jackson. Granny, say hi from me <3 We'll do our best to take good care of granddad. Love you.

RIP grandmum.
You'll always be in my heart <3


Tom tells us that the tooth ferry is coming to take our teeth. And the car ferry is coming too!
Because it knows you've got the picture under your pillow, Tom! LOLLOLLOL!

Here we go again

I totally fell in love with this song. I've been hearing it on repeat. I'm usually not really into all those disney stars and their music, but there's just something about Demi. Even though Trace and her isn't really that good friends anymore, I still like this song. Also, I love Camp rock (I NEVER said that xD!!!!), so.. This song is amazing <3