Todays question is asked by Devi: Why did you join 5girlsDK?
First of all; I'll start out explaining what it is, since everybody watching my blog isn't Danish.

5girlsDK is a youtube channel. We are a group of 5 Danish girls who vlog from Monday 'till Friday. Every week we have a new topic to talk about, and a "must fo the week". We talk about everything between heaven and earth! Right at this very moment we have 183 subscribers on youtube, and and our channel has been seen over more than 52.000 times! Even our Wednesday girl got an interview in the Danish news! You can check us out HERE.

Anyway, back to the question;
Actually, I joined 5girlsDK because I thought vlogging could be fun. I had never done it before, but I had thought about it for a long time. I asked Mia Malene if I could get in, if one of the girls got out, and actually a week after I had asked, one of the girls got out and I was in, on Tuesdays. It quickly changed 'till Fridays though, which is a lot better for me.

I love vlogging, even though editing and uploading can be a pain in the butt sometimes. I've been on the channel for a year in December, and I think it's pretty wild. I never missed a vlog, I did all the times I had to!

I vlogged today, actually! Watch my video under this text!

Welcome to Humanoid City tour!

I GOT MY COPENHAGEN TICKET, YAYAYAYAY!!!!! The picture isn't that good though, but whatever! IT'S THE TICKET :D Can't wait!

Anyway, at the moment I'm a little worried about some other tickets too. I might be planning to go to 5 other concerts, but I simply don't know if I'll have the money for the tickets, travelling, food, and all that, in half a year. I think it's so stupid that they put the tickets on sale already, like, half a year before the concerts are going to happen! I really hope those tickets won't be sold out, because if they will, it'll be scheisse :( I want to go to more concerts than just ONE, you know? I HAVE to go to more concerts than just one!! Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?



I've been wandering around in the city in hours today, trying to look for some new wintershoes and a new winterjacket, and when I finally found the amazing jacket, it wasn't my size, and then I thought "HEEEEY, I'll buy it online!" and when I came home, mum said yes, just order it.. She's paying. I love my mum <333 She always helps me financially, and I should appreciate it more than I do. I love her so much. Danke schön, mum <3 Now all I need is some boots. I saw some amazing ones weeks ago, but it wasn't in my city, it's like half hour driving away. It's the city I bought the english Humanoid in, so.. But she didn't have the money to buy them there. I saw some amazing ones today too, but they had really high heels, and they would probably make my feet hurt like hell, if I had to walk in them every day. Anyway, the jacket is amazing. It'll arrive next week. Can't wait to get it :D!