Da da!

I stumbled upon these two cute little baby twins on Ellens youtube page, and I couldn't help but laugh at them. How cute is it that they're discussing in baby language? Cute cute cuuute!

Stupid colds ruining my days

Today actually started off pretty good. The weather was amazing today (and it will be better on Saturday! They said in the TV it would be about 20 degrees c here!), and I was supposed to have school from 8.10 until 13.40 and then have driving class at 15, but my classes from 10 and up was canceled, and I got to drive at 11, in stead of 15! So nice!

I have been struggling for the past weeks though, with a throat hurting, sneezing all the time, etc - and now I caught the cold for real, once again. I hate having a cold.. I can never sleep at night, and right now sleep is pretty important, when I have to drive every day. Next week, I'm going to drive on the highway too! Hopefully I will get better and the cold will disappear soon, 'cause red nose, tissues, and sneezing is just horrible..

Forever21 Mary Janes

I've been searching for these shoes for ages, 'cause I once saw them on tumblr, and I finally figured where they were actually bought.. Unfortunately, they can't be bought anymore, and I can't find them on eBay - It pretty much sucks! They're completely sold out, and I'm so so so in love with them. I hate when something like that happens.. If they could still be bought, I would've bought them immediately. They're from Forever21 Spring collection, as far as I know. Gorgeous.