Old days with B-Boys

These guys pretty much made my life from 2003-2007. Never regret what once made you smile :)
(Yes, I became a TH fan in June 2006, so I was both a B-Boys fan and a TH fan at the same time at that moment, but B-Boys kind of faded out of my life, because Tokio Hotel was too awesome)

Monster Ball Tour (Lady Gaga) to Denmark!

Submitted by retrophysico

Oh my God, Lady Gaga is coming to Denmark on October 20th 2010 and I really really want to go! It takes place in Herning, and it's only about 45 minutes away from where I live, in car. Unfortunately the tickets for standing costs 66.50 €, and that's even without all the taxes, and I don't think I can afford that. Well, I'll see, I'll do whatever I can to get to the concert! Last time she was in Denmark I didn't go because it was in Copenhagen and that's so far away from me and it costs so much with train, but this time it's only 45 minutes away from where I live, so it makes me want to go even more! I really hope I can go. I heard this Monster Ball tour is absolutely fucking amazing, and I really don't feel like missing it. I wish I had a money tree or something like that! Anyway, I'll figure out if I'm going (keep your fingers crossed for me!), since it's also on a school day.

Geneva, Switzerland

Time for my last review from the tour (and it'll probably make me all nostalgic writing it, haha!).

Anyway, after Toulouse we slept in the car for the night and drove to back to Geneva from Toulouse. When we arrived, Mia Malene and I got off at the venue, while Linda drove to see some of her friends and get a shower, haha! The venue was just nearby the airport, so we decided to go in there and look inside some of the shops while we had to wait. The queuing made no point at all, as in Toulouse. People were just sat everywhere, and I didn't even mind standing in the back. It was my last concert, and I just really wanted to enjoy it. That's why I didn't take that many pictures at this concert (What I did though, from the very first concert in Copenhagen, was to decide that I WANTED a video with the mash-up of Screamin' and Moonson, and I filmed that in Geneva, haha!).

We went in almost as the last ones, Mia Malene and I, and we just sat down inside, waiting for the concert to start and talking a bit while the warm-up DJ's were on. I couldn't really believe it was going to be my last concert, and that after that concert it would all be over. It was so weird to think that in that day, about a month ago I still had 5 concerts to attend.

The concert started, and I tried to get a bit in the front, but it didn't really work out that well, so I just stood in Toms side. Luckily my camera has quite good zoom, so when the boys walk up at those stairs I can get quite good pics even though I'm not on the first row. I enjoyed the concert, danced around with the girls and well - was about to cry when they played Zoom and In your shadow. Tears were for sure in my eyes. Of course this concert was the same as the others with the songs, etc - but I still love this show so much. I could watch it 10.000 times and not once I would get tired of it. I know when the fire goes up, when Bill yells the name of the city, when Gustavs drums are there and they aren't on the CD, when Toms guitarsolo is there, etc. and still I won't ever get tired of this show. I want more, more, more!

Anyway, after the show we went outside and Mia Malene and I went to the car to fix it up before we had a long drive home to Denmark. We decided to drive all night, so Mia Malene and I had to switch staying up to keep Linda awake, and it was fine for me. Also, Linda did a seriously great job driving, she really did. We wanted to get home as fast as possible, because even though out is good, it'll always be nice to come home to your own bed and home. When I came home, it was so weird. Everything was just suddenly over and the days after I kind of missed being with Mia Malene and Linda around me all the time. I felt totally alone, because I'd been with amazing people around me for 10 lovely, but hard, amazing, days <3
This was for sure one of the times of my life I'll never forget or regret.

I'll leave you with the last medley this time. Enjoy.