Shiny bows

I told you yesterday that I would tell you about the ring, so I thought I might as well do it now, so here you go. It's in details on the picture where it's bought and what the prize was. (EDIT: Since many people asked; I bought them Saturday! They should still be in stores, unless they're sold out, obviously! :D)

Todays nails; Leopard & Zebra

Today I decided to do my nails again, after a few days not wearing any nail varnish at all. I decided on going grey at first, but then I decided to do some nail art in stead, for the very first time. This time it turned to be grey with zebra & leopard with glitter on them. Good for a first time, I think! (And if anyone's wondering about the ring, I will tell more about it later)

What do you think?

Todays song

Todays song is...

Auburn - Perfect Two

This song is so adorable. I've been listening to it for the past hour, and I adore the lyrics. I posted the whole video with lyrics, just for you to enjoy it!