Manifesto of Mother Monster

The video for Born This Way came out today, and wow, I loved it! Gaga does such a good job. My favorite scenes are probably the scenes where she's got pink hair and is painted on the entire face. I remember the guy used in the video, from the Mugler video too. + The unicorn, rainbows and triangles in the video. Fabulous! Also, the underwear Gaga is wearing in it.. I love it! She's done it again!


As said before, yesterday my mums family came to celebrate my 18th birthday, which is on Wednesday. Lots of cake was made (mint cupcakes, Rocky Road cupcakes, After Eight chocolate cake, etc), and I got some cute birthday cards. Great day!

Bye B-Litter

Today is the last day I'm going to see these gorgeous little babies. They're now 12 weeks, which means that next weekend their new owners will pick them up - While I'm in Rome.. So, I have to say bye to them today, unfortunately. I'm going to miss those little bastards! They grow up so fast!