Forever21 Mary Janes

I've been searching for these shoes for ages, 'cause I once saw them on tumblr, and I finally figured where they were actually bought.. Unfortunately, they can't be bought anymore, and I can't find them on eBay - It pretty much sucks! They're completely sold out, and I'm so so so in love with them. I hate when something like that happens.. If they could still be bought, I would've bought them immediately. They're from Forever21 Spring collection, as far as I know. Gorgeous.



1 Amiee Whitney:

I love and want them too!

2 En modells liv:

Soo cool blog :) How are u ? ^^

3 Diman Dilir:

bara bra:)

den blommiga var fin!

4 Casper Sørensen:

I really love the black one

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