Happy Halloween, everybody!
I spent yesterday evening on watching TV - It's crazy how TV2 (Danish TV-channel) is going crazy for Halloween! Everything is about Halloween in the TV this year, and I absolutely love it. Yesterday evening they showed the Shrek Halloween special, then Ghostbusters and then Sleepy Hollow. I watched the Shrek thing, and Sleepy Hollow - and the movie was actually okay. It was never really a movie I thought I'd ever watch.

Today, I spent on - watching more TV! Surprise! They're using the entire day on TV today, for Halloween special TV, only. I feel like it's Christmas! When I was smaller, they always showed cartoons and kids TV shows at Christmas, and I spent the entire day watching it. I watched The Haunted Mansion today, with Eddie Murphy. That movie is so much fun - and right now, they're showing E.T. in the TV too.

I still wish I'd been invited for a Halloween party, because I love all the costumes. It's so much fun..

What are you guys doing for Halloween? Partying, trick or treat, or anything else?

PS. Picture is found on Google.